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Turning Point Magazine

Check out my 8 page Article in the New Edition of Turning Point Magazine

where I'm talking about my Fathers incredible Musical Legacy.

My Article AD Out Now Legacy.jpg
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More about the Legacy Edition:

Where Old Skool meets New Skool. Bringing back the village, the honouring of generations, in one publication. Each era learning from each other. The magazine is a unique historical archive of recognition and honouring of people who have and who continue to pave the way. We bring together stories from both old skool legends and the new skool, who respect each other’s craft which helps to re-build bridges between the elders and the younger generation, creating and bringing back the village and the knowledge. Building and Creating Legacies. Whilst also embracing and creating healthy and wealthy lifestyles from fashion to fine dining.

This issue presents the importance of building a legacy, not just for ourselves, families and community but for humanity. We are all in a position to effect change. Many are in such an enviable and influential position to inform change, to influence, to create, to build. Part of building a legacy is to bring about unity & community.

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